Expand Shortened URLs

Ever clicked a shortened link and wondered where it might take you? ExpandURL.net helps you see the final destination before you click. This way, you can avoid malicious websites that might steal your information or infect your device with viruses. By checking shortened URLs with ExpandURL.net, you can browse the web more safely. Check any short URL by entering it below.
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How Does It Work?

1Enter URL

Enter the shortened URL into the form above to check and click on 'Expand URL' for the website to find the final link destination.

2View Results

Once the link has been analyzed, you will be presented with the expanded URL plus extra information about the link.

3Navigate to URL

You can now proceed to the link once you have determined whether the link looks legit or not by the information displayed.

Browser Extensions

We have made browser extensions for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Just download the extension to be able to expand shortened URLs from the browser toolbar.

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